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Kinetic Polymers offers a wide range of products to ensure that your facility is equipped with all the needed products to ensure its safety and security from static charge. Our company is notable among the most reliable Anti Static Work Table Manufacturers In Hyderabad. Our range of products includes everything from an ESD Workstation to VCI Film.

Every product that is delivered to our valuable clients goes through countless quality checks to ensure that they are suitable and adequate for your facility. We are focused on delivering premium quality products to our clients and we follow a set manufacturing process to maintain that quality.

All the steps included in the process from production to testing are performed under the supervision of experienced professionals. This strict adherence to professionalism and quality assurance has made us one of the foremost Anti Static Footwear Exporters and Suppliers In India. Every product from an ESD Chair to ESD flooring is reflective of that process. Call us now to get exceptional products.

ESD Workstation Manufacturers

ESD Workstation

This is an ideal way to provide ESD protection adopted globally. Our ESD workstation guides the static electricity effectively to the earth ground. These systems have become quite common in the companies working in the current industrial sector.
ESD Chair Manufacturers

ESD Chair

Minor things like walking across a carpet and shuffling in a chair might be harmless in normal places but in the industrial environment, they can be dangerous both for the electrical devices and the personnel in the worse cases.
ESD Footwear Manufacturers

ESD Footwear

Kinetic Polymers is one of the foremost ESD Footwear Manufacturers In Hyderabad. These shoes have an electrostatically dissipative Anti Static Sole.
ESD Flooring Manufacturers

ESD Flooring

As ESD Flooring systems is a must to guide  the electrical static charge to a controlled grounding point. Kinetic Polymers is considered one of the foremost ESD Flooring Suppliers In Hyderabad.
Anti Static Work Table Manufacturers

Anti Static Work Table

Keep your sensitive component safe from ESD damage during assembly, inspection and testing with our end-to-end solutions. Kinetic Polymers is one of the most reliable Anti Static Work Table Manufacturers In Hyderabad.
Anti Static Chair Manufacturers

Anti Static Chair

Kinetic Polymers is notable among the highly appreciated Anti Static Chair Manufacturers In Hyderabad. Our chairs are designed to deliver both comfort and functionality.
Anti Static Footwear Manufacturers

Anti Static Footwear

Counted among the topmost Anti Static Footwear Manufacturers, Kinetic Polymers is committed to create world-class quality products for its clients.
Anti Static Flooring Manufacturers

Anti Static Flooring

Anti static flooring and anti static footwear are interdependent. One is useless without the other. Kinetic Polymers is highly respected for being one of the most dependable Anti Static Flooring Manufacturers In Hyderabad.
VCI Masterbatch Manufacturers

VCI Masterbatch

VCI refers to Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor and VCI masterbatches. Using this product in the manufacturing process can give the product anti-corrosion qualities.
VCI Film Manufacturers

VCI Film

Kinetic Polymers is one of the highly renowned VCI Film Manufacturers In Hyderabad. Our packaging films will provide protection from corrosion to your products.